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AKC Shih Tzu Puppies Arrive




Lily is doing great.  She delivered two gorgeous and healthy babies. Pictures are below.


               Lily/Huck Babies  Born: 04/06/13


 AKC Female                  Red/Liver pigmentation





Huck and Lily Babies Video  DOB: 04-06-13


            Huck/Lily Puppy Video

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Shih Tzu Babies at Six Weeks



Lily/Huck            AKC  Male                Brindle




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  Lily & Huck Babies Have Arrived

First puppy choice is taken

Second puppy choice is taken





Chocolate,9 lbs. Gorgeous

big green eyes.

Sweet, calm






                               H U C K


 Gorgeous, huge dark eyes, thick, luscious Brindle coat.  He has every color of the rainbow in his coat color.  He is about 9 lbs.  AKC


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Huck and Lily Babies past litter.

 Huck/Lily Former Litter



Furbabies Arrive.    April 6, 2013

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babies go fast.


This pair produces gorgeous, healthy little furbabies.  Lily is a wonderful

Chocolate and Huck is considered Brindle, he has every color of the rainbow in

his glorious thick coat.

They are AKC registered.

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